New Online Mapping Portal for Marine Spatial Planning


New Online Mapping Portal for Marine Spatial Planning

The Government’s online mapping portal for Ireland’s marine spatial planning is now live at

This web map portal is Ireland’s first marine spatial planning portal. It links planning within the Maritime area and the relevant policies for each marine sector or activity listed in the National Marine Planning Framework (NMPF). The site has 3 main areas: Activities Map, Activities and Policies Map. There is also an information page showing all Government Departments and Agencies with a role in the Maritime area.

Activities Map: The map here will display marine activities. All activities are off by default and you can turn on each activity layer by clicking the eye icon. The legend for each layer is available once the layer is turned on. You can choose to turn on and off as many layers as you need but there will be slower response times when everything is turned on or very busy layers are resolving.

Activities:This section allows the user to learn more about the Environmental, Economic and Social sections of the NMPF’s Overarching Marine Planning Policies. It also allows the user to get more information about each sector or activity in the plan’s Key Sectoral / Activity Policies. You can see the relevant policies and a map of the areas where these policies apply.

Policies Map:Here the user can draw a shape on the map to select an area of interest and the relevant NMPF policies will be displayed. These can then be expanded to show the full policy wording or explored in more detail using the “more info” link.

You can read the National Marine Planning Frameworkhere.For further information clickhere.

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