About the network


To ensure Youghal is the healthiest, cleanest, environmentally friendly town to live and work in for all of our lives and generations.

Aim & Objectives

  • To work together in order to strengthen and support each other’s work in relation to responding climate change; enhancing biodiversity; ensuring clean beaches, healthy marine and coastal life while being sensitive and careful of our wildlife, woodlands and green environments.
  • To do this through collaborating with each other and with agencies concerned with Youghal.
  • To attract larger scale resources to deliver on our vision for Youghal.
  • To promote the reduction of carbon emissions, renewable energy and support the development of clean energy efficient communities.
  • To build greater awareness across the whole community of Youghal and bring all citizens with us.
  • To explore what is happening to the earth and its people, and find constructive ways of responding
  • To share information, work together and agree on priorities for the Network.


The Network is open to individuals and representatives of other organisations who wish to work together on blue and green actions.

Members are those who are committed to the above vision, aims, objectives and in working together.

The need for a ‘Blue and Green Community Network’ has come about because of the realisation that the web of life is being seriously damaged by human beings’ unsustainable lifestyle, and the related realisation that while this will affect us all, it is already causing enormous suffering for many of the poorest people on earth: people who have done the least to bring about the problem. Our work involves helping people gain some knowledge about what is happening and some understanding of how and why it is happening, and developing ways of constructively responding to these challenges.


  • We will work together using community development principles of inclusion, empowerment, equality and acknowledging everyone’s human rights.
  • We will listen with respect all members’ views and the views of others who we come into contact with.
  • We will be transparent and honest in our communications and negotiations with others.

If you would like to join the network please contact Maria Power at: mariabluegreencn@gmail.com

List Of Blue & Green Community Network Members

21 group reps and 20 interested individuals (Total 40)and growing!



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