The word biodiversity stems from the term biological diversity and has been used in scientific publications since the mid 1980s.

Biodiversity is the diversity of life in all its forms – the diversity of species, of genetic variations within species and of ecosystems and habitats.

If there are less types of habitats, or habitats are at risk, then increasing amounts of species survival are threatened. Therefore we need to appreciate and protect our native wildlife and their habitats whether they are hedgerows, salt marshes, woodlands, sand dunes or the rivers that flow into our seas.

Biodiversity includes the whole variety of life on Earth from coral reefs to arctic ice.

It is in a sense what we also call nature. Getting involved in citizen science and recording what you see helps scientists to map and build a database of plants, insects and wildlife so we have a clearer picture of our biodiversity. This can easily be done by visiting biodiversity Ireland’s website or downloading the app on your phone.

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