Celebrating Tree Week with Ted Cook

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What an absolutely tree-mendous way to celebrate National Tree Week! 🌳 With the charismatic and knowledgeable Ted Cook leading the way, we embarked on an energizing and informative adventure into the world of native Irish trees. This man is a force of nature himself, bursting with knowledge and a burning desire to share it with others.

Today, we were bestowed with the wisdom of identifying several native and naturalized trees, all while Ted’s passion for the myriad of life forms supported by these arboreal wonders flowed forth like a babbling brook. It was a truly enlightening experience.

But that wasn’t all! We were fortunate enough to witness firsthand the best ecological practices as we took part in planting a variety of trees. From the charming crab apple to the elegant spindle, the resilient hazel to the majestic Scott’s pine, and not one but two strikingly beautiful Yews, we had quite the tree-planting extravaganza.

As if that wasn’t enough to make us feel like tree aficionados, Ted also shared his valuable insights on the haw and blackthorn, which we’ll be planting over the next few days. We couldn’t be more excited to put our newfound knowledge into action!

A big shoutout to Ted and all the eager learners who joined us today at our community garden. It’s people like you who make these events so special and truly memorable. Let’s not forget the incredible volunteers at Trees Please, the unsung heroes who propagated and cultivated these trees for our community and countless others in Cork. Their dedication ensures not just tree provenance, but most importantly, a glimmer of hope for a greener and more sustainable future.

So let’s raise our leafy branches in gratitude and celebration! 🙏💚🌳🌟 Here’s to National Tree Week, to Ted’s remarkable knowledge, and to the power of community coming together for a greener world. May the forest be with you

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