Seed Swap In Community Garden April 2nd 2023


Under the warm embrace of a sunny April Sunday afternoon, the pollytunnel at the community garden became a buzzing hub of green-thumb excitement. Eva Rygkq, the mastermind behind the event, orchestrated a spectacular seed swap that drew gardeners from far and wide. The atmosphere was electric as attendees mingled and shared their treasured seeds, forming connections as strong as a beanstalk. Amidst the seed swapping frenzy, Gráinne delighted taste buds with her culinary skills, whipping up a mouthwatering vegan curry. Made with love and ingredients harvested from the very polytunnel surrounding us, it was a true celebration of sustenance and community spirit.

With a turnip-sized heart and boundless generosity, Eva catalogued the surplus seeds with meticulous care. This act of kindness laid the foundation for our very own seed library, a treasure trove of botanical possibilities. The community garden would forever be indebted to Eva for her dedication in nurturing the seed swap tradition. 🌷  🌸 🌹  🌺  🌻


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