Blade Bridge On GreenWay March 4th 2023


The Re-Wind Network is a collaboration between Irish universities and industry partners, established to find sustainable solutions for wind turbine blade waste. In 2020, they worked with Munster Technological University Cork (MTU) to create a footbridge made from decommissioned wind turbine blades.

The project involved the transportation of the blades to MTU’s engineering campus, where they were cleaned, cut and processed to create the bridge. Members of Youghal Blue & Green network were given a sneak preview of The final product, a 30-meter long bridge on the midleton to Youghal Greenway which is due to open to the public in autumn 2023

The aim of the project was to demonstrate the potential for upcycling wind turbine blades and to raise awareness of the issue of blade waste in the wind energy sector. By repurposing the blades, the project helped to reduce the environmental impact of wind energy and promote sustainable engineering practices.

The Blade Bridge used 18% less carbon in its production than a conventional bridge and has received international recognition for its innovative approach to sustainable engineering. It is a great example of how industry and academia can work together to address environmental challenges and create a more sustainable future.

Since viewing the Blade Bridge members of our network have met with the bridges engineers to do a workshop and brainstorming session on ideas for re-purposing blades for community benefits.

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