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Buzzing with Sustainability: Beeswax Wrap Workshop Unleashes the Power of DIY

In a buzzing gathering at Clashmore Heritage Centre,  Ella Ryan, Environmental Awareness Officer for Waterford Co. Council, led an exciting beeswax wrap workshop that ignited the community’s passion for sustainable food storage. Participants eagerly embraced the opportunity to create their own beeswax wraps, a fun and eco-friendly alternative to foil and cling film. Ella’s expertise and enthusiasm inspired attendees to make a positive impact on the environment, educating them about the benefits of beeswax wraps and the importance of reducing single-use plastics. The workshop fostered a collaborative spirit, with attendees actively learning, sharing ideas, and perfecting their wrapping techniques. Armed with their DIY creations, the community left the workshop buzzing with excitement, ready to champion sustainable living and spread the buzz about beeswax wraps.

This transformative workshop showcased the joy and practicality of embracing sustainable choices. By infusing cotton fabric with beeswax, attendees learned to create flexible and reusable wraps to keep food fresh, reducing waste and supporting a greener future. Ella Ryan’s dedication as an environmental advocate was evident throughout the workshop, empowering the community to take proactive steps towards climate action. The event was a resounding success, leaving participants inspired and motivated to continue their sustainable journey, one beeswax wrap at a time.



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