Wormery Workshop


The community garden came alive as David Hewitt of Chews Freedom Farm shared his infectious passion for worms during a workshop on creating a wormery. With 20 eager participants in attendance, the workshop became a fun and educational journey into the world of vermiculture and composting. Attendees were captivated by David’s expertise as he emphasized the benefits of worm castings for soil health and the difference between worm compost and anaerobic compost. The use of an old bath as the wormery added an element of creativity and reuse, fostering a sense of community collaboration. The workshop left everyone inspired to embrace sustainable practices and eager for more engaging workshops with David in the future

If you would like to join our community garden or even just pop in to see our wiggly worms please drop us an email.

See link below for more info on Davids worms, organic hemp,cbd oil ,veg,or to book him for workshops.


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