Network updates July 14th 2022

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Below are a list of upcoming events and links. Please review: for some events you will need to book a place as nos. are limited – Network members will be given priority. Where there is no limit – please inform members of your organisations/groups also so they may attend if they wish.

*Reminders will be sent before each event and in some cases dates may change.

JULY 21st 7pmWalk withKaren Loxton from Wild Work exploring wild flowers by the beach/boardwalk.

AUG 20th 2pm to 4pmWhale Watch public event: “Organised by Irish Whale and Dolphin Group for Whale Watch Ireland 2022, facilitated by Cork IWDG”.

IWDG arepromoting Whale Watch Day Nationwide, open to all ! Sat 20th Aug 2p.m to 4p.m

Whale Watch Ireland 2022 – Knockadoon Signal Tower |FacebookWhale Watch Ireland 2022 Knockadoon Head, East CorkWhale Watch Ireland 2022 Knockadoon Head, East Cork

SEP 10thRiver Trip exploring history, heritage, nature and changes along the Blackwater river banks.Nos. are limited to 12 so please book early. Reduced charge of €10 per person.

SEP 14th 7pmonline Presentation from Bat Conservation Ireland

SEP 24thForage with Maire de Paor (Seaween tutor) exact time and location to be confirmed

SEP 28th 7pmonline Presentation with Simply Blue re offshore renewable wind energy

OCT 1stZero Waste festival day at Youghal GAA from 12noon to 4pm

OCT 5th 7pmPublic Launch of the Energy Master Plan for Youghal (tbc by Plan Energy)

OCT 8thMushroom Forage with Andrew Malcolm (time and location to be confirmed)

OCT 11th & 12thExchange Visit to Green OffalyNos. are limited to 8 so please book early and some preparation work will be required.

Week Commencing Oct 16thWorkshops to follow on from launch of Youghal Energy Master Plan with Inis Energy to explore community benefit and projects

NOVsecond energy workshop with Inis Energy

DEC 3rd 9.30am to 4pmWorkshop with Suzi Cahn (see Eco Art therapist focused on nature, outdoors and permaculture –a charge of €15 per person will apply for the full day. Also nos. not limited but we will need to give her an estimate of group size. If anyone who wishes to attend has difficulty with payment please let me know.

DEC 14th 12.30 to 2.30Subsidised Xmas Lunch at CnD. All members of the Network are welcome.


Some more information that some of you requested:

On our Seaweed forage we found ;Kelp – good for soups, stews and curries. And crisps.Bladderwrack – same as kelp, plus use to make teaSerrated Wrack – for bathsSea Lettuce – SaladsCarrageen Moss – salads (raw) and for setting puddings/panna cotta and thickening soupsDilisk – snacking, salads, stirfrys. Chopped or milled.Sweet Kelp – dried, milled small, add to breads and baked goods (natural sugar). Makes nice crisps.Pepper Dulse – use small quantities like a condiment. on gratins, or veg or baked goats cheese.

See Marie’s Seaweed Garden book for recipes.

Other free Public events for Heritage Week that some B & G members might be interested in!

1. Bat Walk and Talk at Harpers Island Wetlands – 16th August 8.45pm to 10pm 2 Wildflower Seed Saving and Collection 15th Aug 11.45 am to 2 pm Midleton “Arranged by Secad and Wildwork”Wildflower Seed Collection and Saving Workshop Midleton | National Heritage Week 13 – 21 August 2022

3. Stream Monitoring – 17th Aug 11.45 am to 2 pm”Arranged by Secad and Wildwork”Some of us have already done water monitoring training, this could be useful for other B&G members wanting to get involved later, open to all!Stream Monitoring Workshop – Glenbower Woods Killeagh | National Heritage Week 13 – 21 August 2022

Our key B&G projects for 2022 and all underway are;developmentof the Information Hub including local video content, set up of a new Community Garden, ‘Zero Waste’ Festival Day, preparing for the launch of Youghal Energy Master Plan and seeking funding for workers!

That’s all folks. See some of you on the 21st for our walk. I will be off for August returning on Sept 5th to a very busy schedule.

Thank you all for your support and to those who have taken on jobbies that help me to get more done.

Have a lovely summer all.


DP Energy and Iberdrola are pleased to announce the publication of the Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park EIAR* Scoping Report (*Environmental Impact Assessment Report).The EIAR Scoping Report sets out the proposed scope of, and methodology for use in the preparation of the future Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) for Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park.

The future EIAR will outline the potential effects that the project, if carried out, could have on the surrounding onshore and offshore environment. Located off the coast of counties Cork and Waterford, Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park has the potential to be an up to 1,000 MW (1GW) floating offshore wind project.

Consultation for the EIAR Scoping Report is now open until the 21st of September 2022.

The EIAR Scoping Report can be viewed online at the project if you would prefer, a copy of the EIAR Scoping Report is also available for review, free of charge at the following locations:

  1. Carrigaline Library,Carrigaline Middle, Carrigaline.
  2. Cork City Council, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork City.
  3. Cork City Library,61 Grand Parade, Cork City.
  4. Cork County Offices, Boycetown Carrigaline.
  5. Knockraha Community Hall,Gogganstown, Knockraha, Co. Cork.
  6. Midleton County Council offices,Youghal Rd, Park South, Midleton.
  7. Midleton Garda Station,Midleton, Co. Cork.
  8. Youghal County Council,Mall House, Youghal-Lands, Youghal.
  9. Youghal Library,North Main St, Youghal-Lands, Youghal.

If you would like us to email you a copy of the report, please reply to this email.

To discuss the report or find out more information about any aspect of the Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park, please don’t hesitate to contact me atInisEalga@dpenergy.comor on 087 102 8227.

Thanks, and best wishes


Yvonne Cronin

Community and Stakeholder Liaison Manager

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