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Hello all

I hope the mid-term break is going well for all of those with school age kids or grand kids around you this week. My family have gone to Dublin for 48 hours, so the house is very quiet and calm – just me and two animals.

Please find attached a flyer to announce a learning opportunity for the younger people in your lives on the sustainable development goals and their relevance to our communities. The event will be held online at 6pm on Wednesday 10thNovember, just before our own session on biodiversity and nature. We would be delighted if you would share far and wide in your communities and networks. We are hoping that some of those who attend might be motivated to join in with your community development teams too, so if any of you would like to join and be visible then you would be welcome. Participants will be encouraged to stay online for the biodiversity session from 7pm. All these opportunities are accessible through the regular zoom link, no change there. It is in the flyer for ease.

FYI, SECAD have shared this flyer with the Transition Year Coordinators in your local schools, so the message is hopefully being transmitted by them too.

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