Upcoming Soil Webinar series


Hello Martha,

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new FREE,Interactive Webinar Seriesin October.

We’ve had a lot of feedback lately requesting more free information about how soil regeneration actually works, so we have created theRebuilding Soil HealthWebinar Series.

In this exciting 4-part, interactiveWebinar Series, we’ll be exploring what soil health is, how it can be restored and what some of the amazing benefits and results can look like.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with some really great Soil Regeneration Experts, like Nicolas Netien, who has producedworld record breakingolive oil, in the harsh arid landscape on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Nicolas will be presenting a Case Study on this project and sharing many of his techniques!

And we’ll be talking about how you can rapidly regenerate the soils on your farm or if you’re not a farmer, how you can begin a new career as a Soil Food Web Consultant.

Here’s the schedule:

Webinar 1:The Key to Soil Health

Thursday October 7 at 11a.m. Pacific (7p.m. London)

Discover the microbial community that makes a healthy soil function and how it can dramatically accelerate your soil regeneration project.

Webinar 2: Proof That Regenerative Ag Works
Wednesday October 13 at 10 a.m. Pacific (6p.m. London)

In this incredible Case Study by renowned Soil Regeneration expert Nicolas Netien, you’ll hear about some of the techniques he used to break the world record by5 TIMESfor polyphenol content in Olive Oil. You doNOTwant to miss this one!

Webinar 3: How to Rapidly Regenerate Your Soil
Thursday October 21 at 11a.m. (7p.m. London)

Inoculating your soil with beneficial microbes is the key. Learn how it’s possible to achieve this in just a few months!

Webinar 4: Meet the Soil Regen Professionals
Thursday, October 28 at 2p.m. Pacific (7p.m. London)

Dr. Elaine Ingham will be joined by a panel of soil regeneration experts who will be ready to answer your questions on how to get started in Soil Regeneration and ways to address some of the problems you may be facing in the field.


We look forward to interacting with you!
The Soil Food Web Team

P.S. Whether you’re a farmer yourself or are dedicated to helping farmers through regenerative agriculture practices,Rebuilding Soil Healthis designed to help YOU start making a difference right away!

Click here to sign up today.

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